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About Us

Indtech, a name which assures quality and eminence in the furnace spares industry, was established in 1994. Under the leadership of Mr. Anish Malvania, Indtech has flourished to be an industry leader not just in the Indian subcontinent but also overseas. Ever since our inception, we have worked towards product innovation and becoming a one-stop solution for your spare needs.
At present, Indtech caters to a robust and extensive clientele in over 27 countries. Through innovation and upgradation in production techniques, we ensure impeccable product quality. An agile and inclusive workforce which is committed to excellence exhibits a flair of superior craftsmanship and peculiarity, which enables us to work as a unit towards our goal of delivering flawless products at reasonable costs.



At Indtech, we have always believed in contributing to infrastructure development—but never at the expense of the environment. As a result, we always keep the notion of sustainability in mind while setting long-term goals and objectives.



The company establishes a moral code that instils diligence, humility, teamwork, and honesty in its employees and also ensures that each client is satisfied and that the delivery is of excellent quality and at a reasonable cost.