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About Anish Malvania

About Anish Malvania

Mr. Anish Malvania is an Entrepreneur who has been associated with the field of Electrical Engineering for almost 30 years now.
Armed with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, he joined a manufacturer of Induction Furnaces based in Ahmedabad M/s Induction Powermelt as a service engineer where he acquired his knowledge about aspects related to induction furnaces. However, his professional career really took flight when he joined industry giant Electrotherm where he further honed the domain knowledge related to induction furnaces and broadened his vision regarding the various facets of this very specialized field.
Later into his career, he observed that the industry was in a dire need of alternative sources of quality spares for induction furnaces. Driven by the confidence in his vision, he established Indtech ( Induction Tech). He combined his technical knowledge with his first hand experiences to construct a workforce that is agile, inclusive and up-to-date with the current advances in technology.
Indtech started as a supplier of induction furnace spares and graduated to a full-fledged manufacturing unit of all types of spares and sub-assemblies of induction furnaces . Presently, it supplies furnace spares to more than 25 countries. Over the years, Indtech has gained the trust and faith of customers across India and all over the world, who rely onIndtech for optimal service, excellent product quality and timely deliveries.